A Simple Statement

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As I sit here at my desk, glancing out at the falling snow through a vase of bright yellow peppy tulips (that’s hope in action), my cat sleeps contentedly under the desk lamp and I ponder life.
I wonder about change and inspiration and the length of each of our days that add up to this thing called life.

This week I will simply share a statement with you and invite you ponder and comment as you desire.
I’ll leave the expounding and wisdom sharing up to you.

Consider this statement:
Change and Growth are challenging – Not changing and growing is Death.

Do you agree with the statement?

Are you changing and growing?
If yes, in what way?
If no, why not?

What if tulips chose to stay comfortable and never grew or bloomed or hibernated?
What if we made the same choice, consciously or subconsciously?

Share your pondering in the comments and bring a friend along to share in our growing community.

As Always:
Be Inspired!  Be Inspirational!  Be a Leader!

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  1. Change is challenging and not changing means no growth. Hopefully we are all working on positive change to be the best person we can in dealing with other people and develop our inner self. Our inner self reflects who we are to others. I am working on being a positive change in life and first that starts with me! I use inspirational leaders as my model of how to live life. Change can be hard but worth the effort. There is much beauty in life; in both nature and all people as one.

    • Thanks, Laurie! I love your insight and deep reflections. It’s true, our inner self is the true us and the person comes out more than we know. Changing the inside is, perhaps, the most strategic and life changing thing we can do for ourselves and all those around us. You’re awesome! Thanks for being so generous with your wisdom.

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