Complaining Exposes Our Lack of Power

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Complaining Exposes Our Lack of Power

We’ve all been guilty of a little complaining from time to time.
It lets off steam and allows us to share the moment with another person.
What we don’t realize, however, is that complaining reveals our lack of power.
It reveals the truth of our hearts – that we don’t see a way out.

It reveals our weakness.

Life doesn’t have to be that way though.
We really can change our lives.
We really do have power.

Watch this video for 5 tips on how to take the power out of complaining and put it back in your life.




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Our complaints reveal that  – in our hearts – we don’t believe we have the power to change our situation. If we thought we had the power, we would use that power to change what we don’t like.

Here’s five steps to help you take the power out of your complaining and use it to change you life.

Step 1: Write down everything you feel about your situation. Write down all the details that describe what is frustrating.

Step 2: Analyze and write down what it is that you feel most powerless about in your situation.
Examples: Does your boss not give you freedom to create? Have you lost that spark with your partner?

Step 3: Write down specific declarative action steps that you will take to change your situation.

Whatever those steps are in Step 3. You must now start them. Start today, not tomorrow.

Step 5: Declare to yourself that you will NOT give up until you see the change you desire.

Bonus Step: Whenever you start to complain stop immediately and declare your power instead.

For more details please view the video.






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