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animalparents1Last week we mentioned some important things that courageous leaders do. Thanks for all the great comments so far. You can still add your comments or read that last post here:
Since we have a lot of parents in our community, I thought we might have fun reviewing some characteristics of courageous parenting. This week’s post is in list form again. What would you add or delete?

Courageous parents:

take time to show excitement over childhood delights

allow their children to learn from mistakes

discipline without shame, guilt, or humiliation

say no; say yes; say maybe (as opposed to silence)

know when to hold’em

know when to let’em go

choose which battles are worthy of a fight

refrain from using their raised voice or hand to gain control

say they’re sorry when they are wrong

forgive without condemnation or shame

allow their children to work out their own marital challenges

share their last wishes

What would you add to this list? What would you take away?
Let others hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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Remember this week as you lead as a parent or in your job or your community:

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  1. Ask for help and seek out qualified professionals when needed

    Don’t give up; persist

    Set boundaries.

  2. All great and wise information. We have raised our children but one thing we always did as parents was pray for and with our children. Whether it be at night , morning or spontaneously throughout the day. We would commit them to God and pray for their immediate requests and/or future. We still pray for them even though they ate on their own. Parenting and praying continues as they grow and mature.

  3. I would add that these parents recognize that their children belong to God FIRST!!!! These parents ask God for the wisdom to lead them in thw TRUTH of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are excited to see what dreams and plans God has for their children and how he is carrying them out in HIS timing.

    • thanks for sharing your input, Heather.

  4. I’ve never been a parent myself but based upon what I learned from my own parents I would include the following.

    Teach children to live with integrity by word as well as example.

    Teach children to not go along with the crowd when it is not beneficial to do so.

    Be approachable for their children on any subject.

    Be willing to reconsider an earlier decision to not let their child do a certain thing for whatever reason, if the child respectfully approaches them with a well thought out case for the benefits of what the activity could bring. Note that I said reconsider the original decision, not necessarily yield to the child, unless the merits of what the child presented outweigh the negative aspects of the activity.

    Teach children how to safely use potentially dangerous things as they mature to a level that they would be capable of doing it in a safe manner. For example using the lawn mower, kitchen knives, hand held power tool, etc.

    • Thanks Marilyn. Very wise input indeed! It especially takes courage to learn to allow your kids to handle dangerous things. 🙂

  5. I think I would add encourage their dreams and ideas, not project your own fears onto your children

    • Great addition for sure! Not easy to do when we love them so much. Thanks for clicking, reading, and sharing your wisdom!

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