Do you Believe?

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  Do You Believe?

Among my many jobs over the years I’ve had some time working in a retail clothing store for women. The manager kept trying to push me to sell sell sell. I kept saying no no no. In contrast, my goal was always to focus on helping women find the best outfits they could so that they would feel empowered in that job interview, sexy when they were out on a date, and respectfully comfortable when attending their children’s music concert or play. See, I could care less about the money the company would make. I chose to care about inspiring the women I had the amazing opportunity to meet.

Over and over again, however, I would engage with a wonderfully fit and beautiful woman and she would undoubtedly mention how she didn’t like her legs or that she thought her hips were big or …. you know … stuff like that that we women sometimes say. Truth was – all of these women were and looked fabulous! We all do! We’re women! That’s just how it is!! We have been beautifully and wonderfully created!!!

Do you believe it?

Neuroscience is now showing us that what we CHOOSE to believe and what we CHOOSE to say to ourselves actually influences the pathways that the brain creates. Those brain pathways influence our reality and our future.

For instance, medical studies have shown that when a patient believes a certain medicine will reduce pain, that belief causes the body to release endorphins, which then reduce the pain. This outcome has occurred in studies where all the participants only received a placebos. Those who believed they would see results actually did!

Not really.
Our beliefs are powerful!! What we choose to believe influences the course of our lives!!!


So, if you would, please allow me to ask you today:
“What is it you believe about yourself that is perfectly aligned with truth, vitality, health, empowerment, and growth?”

Write those things down and say them to yourself everyday!
They are medicine for your life and future.
Post them in a place where you will see them often.


Next, please allow me to ask you this:
“What is it you believe about yourself that holds you back, causes you to feel like you are less than a beautifully created woman, reduces your self-confidence, causes you to hate the dressing room in the retail store?”

On a separate paper, write those things down too. This is hard – but we have to boldly admit those things to ourselves. This takes away the power they have on us.


Now post that paper next to your positive affirmations.
New studies show that when we write down our anxieties and internal lies and post them where we can see them then our brains are able to detach from them. That equates to freedom.



Keep your mind focused and busy on the positive beliefs that you want to shape your life. If your mind is busy with empowering truth, there will be no room for lies. Start and end your days with these beliefs.


Here are a few examples:

Regarding our work outside the home:

I am intelligent and smart. I will find employment!
I am competent and skilled to complete my goals.
I am able to learn the new skills I need.
I am humble and others centered.

Regarding our families:

My husband is no longer with me, but I am strong and I am beautiful.
Love will come my way.

I am grateful for the gift to strengthen myself and live life as a single woman.
I will do what it takes to reignite the passion in my marriage.
I’m am the best mom my kids could ever have. Our bond is love.

Regarding our bodies:

The gift of my body is priceless. I love it and all of its flaws.
I am stronger than I used to be. I am reaching my goals.
I love to move my body and give it the life-giving exercise.
I am beautiful! I am sexy! I have been created just right.


What you believe and what you say to yourself will
shape your life.

What kind of life are you going to create?

Choose to Be Inspired today!!    Choose to be Inspirational today!

You’re an Inspirational Leader.


Share your inspiration in the comments.
Give and receive strength and encouragement.
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We can do this! We can do this better together!
See you there!


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  1. Hi there, I have been having some problems with believing positive energy thoughts more recently. I wake up and say I am happy, healthy, abundant and wise. I align myself with my inner spirit/guide to walk with me throughout the day and keep positive and focus on thoughts such as love, strength, power, kindness, forgiveness and gratitude, etc. I work on removing the negative thoughts as they always try to come in. I am working to be the best person I can be to be a positive influence in the world and pass it on to others. It’s a daily mantra.

    • Hi Laurie,
      Thanks for being open and honest with your comment today. We all go through those times. How about if you take some time to write down all the great qualities and all your skills today. Also, in a separate list, list all your accomplishment. Allow yourself to go wayyyy back in your life. Really let yourself have it… in the best way possible. Just list everything that comes to mind!! Then.. read this list many times a day. When you do all this – you will see just how amazing your life has been and what a gift you are to all of us. Report back later if you want.
      Thanks for being inspirational!!!

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