End the Pain – Reframe

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End the Pain – Reframe

Sometimes life throws us
curve balls.

We lose a friend or spouse.
We become unemployed.
We fail an exam or flop on a presentation.
These moments can be debilitating.
They catch us by surprise and knock us off our feet.
They make our heart ache and release our tears.

It’s natural to respond this way. Loss and rejection do not match what we were created for. We were created for mutual love and acceptance and all things wonderful and joy-filled.

Alas, however, we live in a world where things happen to dampen our hearts.
Giving ourselves time to wallow or grieve is ok and good.
If we stay there, however, the one loss we suffer can over take us.

So…. What to do?

Answer:  Re-frame!


Here’s an example:

Back about 7 years ago I went through my most difficult days. I lost my mom, who was just about the only real family I ever had. When she died I went into a pit for quite some time.

Initially I framed my situation like this:

I’m alone.
I’m poor (was a graduate student).
I have no family.
I’m in trouble.
Why bother to live.

You can guess how well that thinking was working for me!!! :=)
I learned that I had to re-frame how I looked at my situation.


I decided that in my new frame I was:

Strong and Intelligent
Had been blessed to have a mother who loved so much
Grateful to have a healthy body
Excited about living my life to its fullest
Loved by my creator no matter what

Initially I was a victim looking from under the
heaviness of my situation.


Eventually I became the victor who used my situation as a launching pad for years of growth, business building, vision casting, and a joy-inducing love of every precious minute.


It was just a matter of learning to frame my situation differently in my head.


Have you heard of the biblical characters David and Goliath?

Well – maybe it went something like this:
Everyone thought Goliath was too big to hit.
Maybe David thought, Goliath is so big, how could I possibly miss?


Is your Goliath too big to hit?
Or is your Goliath so big you can’t possibly miss?


How you frame it in your mind determines whether you are a victim or victor.


Tell us about your Goliath: your loss, your turn of events, your sudden surprise. Then tell us how you choose to frame it so you become the victor no matter what comes into your life.


Always remember:

Be Inspired! Be Inspirational! Be a Leader!

You’re changing someone’s life simply by being you.


See you in the comments!

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