Feeling Disappointed?

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Leaf_rocks  Tired of Feeling Disappointed?


Me too!!! I’m over that! Completely over that!!!!  Hear ye! Hear ye! I shall NOT ever be disappointed again!

Okay – whatever. That probably isn’t true, but, there are things we can do to lesson the likelihood of being disappointed.


Last week we talked about how saying no to someone actually shows her respect.
If you missed that discussion or wanted to leave a comment, you can find that post HERE

Pondering our discussion last week caused me to wonder why we sometimes have a hard time saying no.  Of all the many reasons it seems to me that the most pertinent reasons we don’t like to say no is because we’re afraid we won’t be liked or afraid we will disappoint the other person.

Then I got to wondering …  if we’re afraid to disappoint another person it may be because we in fact are the ones who are disappointed when the response we receive to a request or invitation is ‘no’? We often project our own feelings on other people without even realizing it.


If you’re like me you can think of many times when a person declined your invitation and it caused you to feel a bit rejected.
I should rephrased that:
If you’re like me you  you can think of many times when you  allowed yourself to feel a bit rejected when a person declined your invitation. (After all – No one can cause us to feel anything.) We get to choose our feelings.


Anyway – back to the point – when we hear ‘no’ we may feel:
Less Loved
Less Popular

What if, however, when we hear ‘no’ we simply remind ourselves that the person has just showed us respect? I mean if that’s what we’re doing when we say no, then isn’t that what she’s doing when she says ‘no’ too?

 What should you say when your invitation is declined?
You shall surely say:



Put your shoulders back – hold your head up high – You have just been respected!
Who doesn’t like respect?

I bet you do!


So hear it is:

Say no when you want/need to. You have just showered your invitee with respect.
Accept no with dignity and grace. You have just been respected.


Now go out there to say and receive some nos with your head held high and face graced with a smile. You’re awesome and don’t you forget it!


Always remember:

Be Inspired! Be Inspirational! Be a Leader!


In the comments section, tell us why you think it matters for inspirational leaders to be able to say and receive ‘no’ with respect and grace.


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