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Here at Family First Life we are offered a large array of benefits that make working here worthwhile. Here’s a few:

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1.  Highest Comp

We have the highest over commissions in the business.
New unlicensed agents start out with over 100% in commissions.  More experienced agents will start higher, according to their experience level.

2.  No Contract
Family First Life will not ask you to sign a contract. That means your business is yours. If you leave, you take your clients and residuals with you.

This also means you can work part-time or full-time. You set your schedule. This is your business. You get to decide.

3. Vested from Day 1
The last company I worked with expected agents to stay for 10 years before the residual commissions were theirs permanently.
At FFL, your residuals are yours from day 1 even if you leave decide to leave, retire, or switch companies.

4. Leads
No more asking friends and family at all your get togethers if they need life insurance. Sure, you can help your family, but you will also have access to leads of various levels and types depending on how you want to grow your business and who you want to serve.

5. Agency
You can build an agency, but you don’t have too. If you want to help other agents and build residual income, the opportunity is yours

6. Trainings
All of our trainings and conference are free. (no admittance fee).
Trainings are also available on the main FB page, youtube, and Podcasts.

7. FREE licensing course
FFL will pay for your licensing course to help you get started.

Learn more here by watching this video:   Learn about FFL

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