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This is the transcript for the video on how our subconscious leads our focus. You’ll find that video here


Hey everybody,

I’m LouAnn Stropoli, Founder of Inspirational Leading: the place to create your leadership success.

Let me ask you a question, have you ever set a goal for yourself and then repeatedly had trouble reaching it? Perhaps you wanted to you lose 20 pounds. You lose 3 to 5 only to gain it back plus a couple more. You want to save some money. So you save some money – put it into a savings account and then you see that latest gadget or that outfit that you want and boom it’s gone. Perhaps you want to raise your voice a little less at your children. So you start off great in the morning and then they come home after school. They’re having their snack….. something goes flying off the table and you go flying off the handle.

You see – if you’ve had trouble reaching the goals that you’ve set, then you are 100% not alone. See we’ve all had trouble with this. Now, the thing is it’s perfectly understandable. Given that 90-95% of our habits and beliefs all come from the pre-programing of our subconscious mind – it’s no wonder we have trouble making changes.

Now the cool thing is that we’re learning from neuroscientists that we can actually change the brain paths of our brains. We can actually influence our subconscious. Now this is in fairly recent times we have learned that we can do this. That means we don’t have to be stuck forever. We can actually change our lives, we can reach out success, we can make the changes we’ve been desiring. We just have to figure out how to influence the subconscious.

Well that’s what this series is all about and today we’re talking about FOCUS and how that changes our subconscious.

Now think with me about this. You’re on a country road. There’s no moon. There’s no street lights. It’s just you driving on a two-lane road in the darkness.

On coming to you is a big truck with bright lights.

Do you:

  1. A) Look at the bright lights so you know where that truck is at all times?
  2. B) Look at the white line on the side of the road?

Well, I think we all would agree that one thing you don’t want to do is look into those bright lights. Not only will you be blinded, but most importantly – and this is significant – if you look into those bright lights you will veer towards that truck and probably get hit. It’s just how we work. We veer towards the things that we’re looking at.

Now the interesting thing – our subconscious does the same thing only it looks at the focus our conscious mind. For instance, a young woman who says she does not want to marry a man with her father’s weakness – thinks about the weaknesses of her father over and over again. I don’t want to marry a man like that… in that way

She dates this guy. She marries him. He’s the love of her life. Three months into the marriage if it even takes that long, she opens her eyes and realize she has married her father’s clone.

Same thing with weight loss. We focus on the extra layers of cushion that are around our muscles and bones and we focus on that and we look at that and we think about that all the time. And our subconscious says, “We want cushion. We want cushion.” – and we end up not being able to get rid of the cushion. We basically told our subconscious mind that we want cushion cause that’s what we’re focusing on.

This happens all over life it’s just that we haven’t been trained to look for it.

So here’s the thing – subconscious mind does not know the difference between a good focus and a bad focus. It just knows focus. So we have to learn to give it the right focus.

So here’s a challenge. Here’s an exercise.

Write down right now a goal you’ve been trying to reach that you have been struggling to reach.

Write that goal down.

Write down any focus that you have that leads you in the wrong direction of that goal.

Something you say to yourself over and over again – related to that goal.

Then write down the right focus that you want.

Okay so when you’ve got those three things went down – you can put in them comment’s section.

Hold yourself accountable. We encourage you.

Then commit this week and the week after – to committing yourself to following the good focus and refusing the bad focus.

So you’ve got your goal. You’re going to write down the bad focus so you know what it is – Recognize it. Get rid of it.

Concentrate on the good focus.
If you will do this you will begin to change your life.

Now – you’re going to have some internal resistance.

You will want to stop. You’re going to feel silly. You might actually even feel anxious.

When the brain creates new paths, it actually turns out a fear signal that might tell you to stop ….  But don’t stop. Don’t give in to that resistance. If you feel those things – it means you’re doing the right thing. Keep on going.

So you’ve got your little assignment. You’ve got your knowledge behind you to help you to retrain your focus of your subconscious. You’re well on your way.

Tell us about it in the comments.
If you have had experience with retaining your focus and you want to share that with us put that in the comments too.

Maybe you think it’s hogwash – you don’t believe this is true at all. Go ahead and put that in the comments as well. We can say anything here. In this community, as long as we’re respectful to each other, we love having differences of opinions.

Now if you’re not yet subscribed into our Rockin’ Inspirational Community go ahead and fill out that form now. You’re email address will be protected just like I want my protected. It will never be sold.

It will never be given away.

It is just for the sake of being a part of this community.

Now let me remind you – this week as you focus to retrain your focus:



Always remember:

Be Inspired! Be Inspirational! Be a Leader!

You’re changing someone’s life simply be being you.


If you’d like to watch the video, you’ll find it  here


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