How to Create Consistency & Achieve Your Goals

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How to Create Consistency & Achieve Your Goals

Last week the topic of our discussion was Consistency and how it could change your life. That post can be found here.

It occurred to me this week that although we all agree that consistency is the key to success, we often have trouble creating it in our lives.


 Let’s fix that!


These six keys are guaranteed help you achieve more consistency.
That consistency will help you change your life.


1) Create accountability


You know what they say: a secret only has power over you if no one knows about it. It’s like that with goals too. Once your goal is out in the open before your accountability partners, the fear of the goal is destroyed. You are free to reach for it and achieve it!

While you’re achieving your victory – your accountability partners are heaping encouragement on you.

It’s awesome!

I enjoy this accountability in a fit group that I run.
It’s made a huge difference for all of us.


*****A word to the wise – pick your accountability partners carefully. You want partners who can be honest while always maintaining a positive and encouraging outlook.


2) Begin each day by committing to your schedule

This is a big one. There are those occasional days when I am free to wake up slowly and do whatever for a few hours or even an entire day. Not many – mind you – but there are a few. I notice on those days when I don’t have a list or schedule that I tend to complete almost nothing productive. At the end of those days, I feel a huge let down. The day wasn’t even a relaxing break. It was just a day of nothingness.


On the other hand, when I wake up and know my priorities and go after them, I end up feeling successful and empowered. It feels great to move closer to our goals!


No matter your schedule for the day – review it and follow it.


3) End your day by creating your schedule for the next day


Did you notice that tip #2 assumes we have a schedule?


When is the best time to set your goals and schedule for the day?
The previous evening, of course!!


If we wait until the morning of, we will likely waste time trying to figure out what we’re doing.  In order to avoid that mistake all we have to do is be consistent in listing our goals/schedule each night for the next day.


If you’re setting goals for your work, simply decide at the end of the day what you want to accomplish the next day. This way you can go home and forget about it until the morning.



4) Know your goals – Write them out – Post them


This seems a little obvious: ‘Know your goals’ but many of us make our way through life without really knowing where we want to go.  If we don’t know where we’re headed we are sure to never get there.


Whether your goals are related to your health and fitness, your parenting growth, or the development of your business  –  when we write out our goals and post then somewhere visible, it makes a huge difference in our ability to achieve those goals.


Some people recommend that you write out your goals each and every day to remind yourself and ingrain them into your subconscious.


Knowing, Writing, and Posting your goals will help you develop consistency.


It Works! Try it!


5) Make a decision: You’re worth success


The development of caring for and loving ourselves is something that takes time for some of us. My journey has lasted several years and is one that I still continue. Sometimes we allow lies about ourselves to take over our minds. If that’s your struggle, this previous post may be helpful to you.


As we overcome our insecurities and internal challenges, it helps to deliberately remind ourselves about the truth of who we are. You may need to remind yourself that you too have every right to achieve success. You really are worth it.


You have been magnificently created to do magnificent things.


Once you believe that truth, you will have a much better chance of achieving your consistency and your success.


6) Just get’er done!


In my life coach training I’ve learned a very simple rule:

One does not need motivation to achieve one’s goals. One only needs a plan and then one needs to follow it.


Sounds too simple? It really isn’t.


Here’s an example:
For my fitness clients (the ones who are reaching their goals), they all have a schedule they’re following. Each day each one simply does the workout on her schedule. This is exactly how I trained for and completed two marathons. I simply got up each day and did the run that was listed in my training book.
It’s easier than we think!


What is it for you?
What is your goal?
What consistency do you need to reach it?

You don’t need motivation.
You simply need to make a plan and then follow it.

Done!  You’ve got this!!



OK  – there you have it. Six keys to increasing your consistency.

Now  – Get out there – Be consistent – Achieve your goals!

You can do it!

Let us know in the comments section if any of these hits home for you.
Let us know your other ideas as well.

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Always remember:

Be Inspired! Be Inspirational! Be a Leader!

You’re changing someone’s life simply by being You!

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  1. This is a very interesting and timely article.
    In just the last two days, because I followed the step to write my goals down the evening before, I have been able to complete far more than I thought was possible. I ended the week in a very high note. Thanks for the great advice. It’s making a difference in my life!

    • Lisa,
      Congrats on all your progress!! I know for me – it really just takes a little planning and I use my time much more productively. I’ glad to hear these tips have been helpful. Now you can enjoy your weekend knowing you have been exceedingly productive.
      Thanks again for posting! Your victory inspires us all.

  2. I agree with you on this. I am glad you covered this on your blog. Everyone benefits in great ways by applying these simple, important points. Being disciplined with them moves one forward to a better, holier, healthier productive lifestyle.

    • Thanks so much, Heather, for sharing your minutes for a read and also your wisdom. I’m grateful you found these keys helpful! 🙂 I agree – as I grow in discipline my life continues to be more full. Weird that discipline creates freedom. Thanks so much for that reminder!
      Have a wonderfully inspired day!

  3. After every point I kept saying, “Yes. We need to do this.” So simple, really. I always have better results with a plan, but don’t remember the last time I employed one. I’ve heard that writing goals down is powerful, too. It has helped tremendously in my fitness, and now I’m going to try it in other areas. Number 5 is so insightful. Thanks, LouAnn!

    • Tesa, Thanks for reading the post and sharing your input! I know! me too! Whenever I remember to do these things, I have much more productive days and a ton more success. Yes… I believe #5 really is the key. If we love ourselves and believe in our potential, we can truly do anything. Your fitness victory sure has paid off! I’m excited for you to practice these keys in other areas of your life.
      Thanks for inspiring us! Keep up the great work!

  4. This has really helped me and I am starting to work on these right now! I am working with a friend to be more accountable to stay with positive thoughts. Loving and caring for yourself is important and we often care for others first. I am making a list tonight of goals as I do a gratitude log Thanks so much for sharing this. It helps us all.

    • Hi Laurie,
      That’s awesome! The accountability is to powerful. I’ll be psyched to see how this helps empower you to do even better than you already are. It’s so fun to be able to share victories with someone who understands. Enjoy making that list of goals. May it spur you onto an even more fulfilled life.
      Have a wonderful and inspired evening!

  5. Wow! Thanks for this week’s blog! The one that hits home anew for me is #3: “End your day by creating your schedule for the next day.” I so often wait till the morning, but you’re right, I waste a lot of time doing it that way. I’m going to change that out tonight! (And I’m going to share this with some other friends/family members who can benefit from the wisdom you share!)

    • Carla,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to read through this and to share your perspective. Interestingly – I had a ton of stuff to do today. I made a big ole list last night. Today – I got through everything except a couple big project which I’ll need to touch base on in the next few days.
      We can help each other to remember to do this. :=)

      I’m psyched to hear you will share this with others. Hope they will also be helped and inspired to increase their consistency and reach their goals.

      Have a wonderfully inspired day!!


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