How to Make Your Mornings Awesome

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How to Make Your Mornings Awesome

Do you hate mornings?
I’ve always been a night owl by nature. I hated mornings for many years.

Since most of the world operates during the day time, I’ve had to develop a few techniques to not only wake up, but wake up happy, excited, and feeling completely awesome about the day ahead.
I share those techniques in today’s video.
Hope they help you to make your mornings awesome too.



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As we always say in our community
Be Inspired!
Be Inspirational!
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You’re changing someone’s life simply by being you.



Hey there. I’m LouAnn Stropoli and I’m the founder of Inspirational Leading Academy, an Amazon #1 best seller, and I help people take the Stop out of their Start. Today we’re going to talk about taking the stop out of your start in the mornings.

Now, I am NOT a morning person. Never have been, never will be. My mom said that when I was born I immediately from the ver beginning had my nights and days all mixed up.
Then as young musician growing up in our home I would practice piano way into the hours of the night after everybody else had gone to bed. As I grew into a professional musician I was expected to be at my peak perfection performance mode between 8-10 at night, so waking up early and with energy was NOT my thing – EVER

But I’ve had to learn over the years that sometimes I really do have to shift my schedule so I’m alert and awake in the mornings and I’ve developed a few techniques to help me do that. I wonder if it might help you as well

So a couple things… the night before I do several things
1) I lay out my schedule so I know when I go to bed I’ve laid out exactly what I have to do the next day. I know my priorities, I know the other little things I have to do – say like what errands I have to do what letters I have to write and I even have a blocked out schedule for the day where I plug in those priorities so I make sure I get them done

Second, and I’m not always very good about this but I try to end my day with some quiet time and some reading with an actual book and I have a couple books that I read where I only ready actually 1 or 2 pages each night because the books are so thought provoking and so focus oriented that’s all I really need to go into a nice sleep. Often times I’ll meditate at night before I drift off into my sleep and that helps a lot too

Alright that’s the night before.
In the morning of There are several things I do.
First thing that has made the biggest difference for me is that I’ve created a beautiful alarm now I used to have an alarm that would go off and I hated the sound of that alarm and I would hate waking up because it would jostle me every morning. So I went though and I took some music that I love and you’ve heard it on different videos that I’ve done and I put some words to it

So I’m just going to play the very beginning for you. You recognize this music. It’s so pleasant and upbeat: ‘Rise and Shine Dear One. It’s time to start a brand new day.’

So I start off by calling myself a lovely affectionate name and then I talk about: It’s time for a brand new day. It’s time for new courage, new adventures and I go through the whole three minutes of this song and I use words that I want to describe my day and describe me. And I wake up excited to hear this little message that I’ve created for myself. And then after I hear that message I give myself a few minutes to just take it in and relax

In that relaxation time I often try to remember to list three things for which I’m grateful in my life and three things I’m grateful for what I expect to happen in the day ahead.

The other thing I do: I always make sure I exercise – almost always – very first thing. So I have a routine: After my little quiet time in the morning I get up empty my bladder, I immediately put on my workout clothes. Sometimes I’ll check in on social media real quick

Often times I’ll go straight to my workout. I also know with my workout exactly which workout I’m doing that day. I don’t have to fish around I don’t have to figure out what I’m doing. I know before I get up – what the workout is going to be and when I start my day with this beautiful song with gratitude with quiet time with my workout, I can pretty much take on any challenge that comes my way throughout the day.

Well I hoe those few tips help you take the Stop out of your Start in the mornings so that you can come down the stairs energized, focused, ready, happy, filled with joy and happiness for the day ahead.

As we say in our Academy: Be Inspired! Be Inspirational! Be a Leader!
You’re changing someone’s life simply be being you.

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