How to Remind Yourself Daily About Your Goals

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How to Remind Yourself Daily About Your Goals

I once knew somebody who put forth awesome energy creating goals for herself.
She was determined and focused.
And yet – with all that life threw her way she soon forgot about her goal and the steps she had created to reach them.
She ended up feeling sad and defeated.
I know her quite well….


Eventually she realized:
The sun rises and sets every day.
It reminds her to wake up and go to sleep.

What if she set daily reminders for herself about her goals.
She left her defeated feelings in the ditch and began to make the progress in her life that she desired.


She shows you here in this quick video how she made the transition.

She hopes it helps you too! Let us know in the comments section.
Also share your ideas to help others.
See you after!



In previous videos we learned how to:
a) Make promises to ourselves (much more meaningful than resolutions)
and Connect Affirmations with those promises. You’ll find that video HERE.
b) Identify the Benefits of those promises (Benefits are what motivate us!)
That video is HERE.
c) Set Goals and Strategic Steps to reaching those goals which in turn give us the Benefits we want. You’ll find that video HERE.

The entire series is HERE.

Today we add the last piece: Daily Reminders.

My two daily reminders that keep me on track are:
1) My Vision Board (for me it’s an entire wall)
2) My Accent Nail

These steps are helping me to change my life this year in ways I could never have imagined. I hope they help you too!!
Let us know in the comments section and let us know your ideas too.

Always remember:

Be Inspired! Be Inspirational! Be a Leader!

You’re changing someone’s life simply by being you.


See you in the comments!

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