Identity: Does It Really Matter?

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Does it really Matter?

What does all this talk about identity have to do with our ability to lead in our homes, communities, and places of work? Isn’t this a topic for a self-help blog? Well, yes it could be. It is also the perfect topic for a leadership blog as well. Here’s why.

Do Identity Lies matter?

Think back on our post from December 3rd when we discussed Identity Lies. Identity Lies are the lies about ourselves that we allow our minds to believe and recite. Can you think of the kind of leader you would be if you allowed identity lies? Can you think of a supervisor for whom you worked who allowed identity lies?

A leader who doesn’t like herself isn’t able to lead herself very well. If she believes lies about her body or her family situation, then when it comes time to step up and lead one of two things happens:

a) She is so beaten down by her own lies that she lacks the confidence to inspire a clear vision.

b) Her inner sense of being is so unclear that she covers it up with arrogance and a bossy tone when speaking to her team.

Neither of these two leaders inspires her team members to reach for their highest goals and to perform at their very best. Both of these leaders fall very short of Inspirational Leading. At best she struggles to hit 75 percent of her leadership potential.

Do you know any leaders who lead from their identity lies rather than from the reality of her or his identity? Have you ever had identity lies infringe on your ability to inspire others?

Do earthly add-ons matter?

On November 18th we discussed earthly add-ons and how we sometimes mistakenly understand our identity as being based on our jobs, our families, and our earthly success.

Have you had a supervisor who built his or her identity on earthly add-ons rather than her or his unique identity seed?  I have! These leaders are so worried about every little mistake that they create an atmosphere of control, manipulation, and fear. With a spirit of fear and trepidation in the office, no one can aspire to reach her or his very best. Forget reaching your team goals and expanding into the next year. These team members will either leave or be reduced to survival mode if we choose to lead from a sense of identity that is based on external add-ons.

Seed Identity Leadership

What about a leader who leads from a clear understanding of her seed identity? (See our blog post from December 12th.) She has a proper understanding of who she really is; She doesn’t believe lies; and She isn’t dependent on certain aspects of her earthly life or employment status to create her worth.

She is confident and compassionate. She leads with firm vision and adjusts when situations call for an unexpected change. She is beautiful on the inside and peaceful in her spirit because she realizes that her time on this earth is a gift and that she has been uniquely gifted for this moment and these life assignments. She values her team members and she realizes that they too have been uniquely created for this particular moment in history.

Does our own sense of identity matter?

I propose that it matters a great deal. In fact our sense of identity can form the foundation of our success or it can break us down to little pieces as our life and our dreams crumble before us.

Inspirational Leading challenges leaders to lead from a clear sense of their true seed identity. When we do we will lead ourselves and our teams to reach the fullest benefit of our efforts, goals, and dreams.

Are you leading from your seed identity?
If not start today.  You’re worth it! 

Always remember:

Be Inspired! Be Inspirational! Be a Leader!

Please remember to leave your thoughts in the comments section and
to interact with your fellow inspirational leaders. See you there!


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  1. Hi again, great to read another new article on the site. Identity does matter but it has to be based on our inner self and inspiration from our inner guide or soul. This is our authentic self who we really are not the form of ownership or false sense of self we learned that we are not self-empowering. We all have power, love and wisdom that is our source of leadership not one of control. I have worked for all kinds of people: those that lead from their inner self and purpose and those that were insecure in who they were so they depended on the outside for their self. These later people were not inspirational. People who have a positive sense of self worth are not theatened by people even if they have people working for them who have better educations, etc. Their self is rooted in their “seed” and are confident in who they are. They are not shaken by situations that might be theatening by others. This is helpful as I continue on my road in life, it’s the journey that’s important not the destination Thanks for the artilce and encouragement to look within.

    • Greetings Laurie,
      Thanks so much for your comment!! I totally agree with your comment about our ‘authentic self’. I love that wording.
      I have also experienced what you say about the leaders who have not been inspirational. I’ve had to hold back with some of them so much that I left the job pretty quickly. I hope everyday, to be more and more of a leader who inspires and leads from my deepest, most secure and inspiring self. it is indeed a journey. It’s fun to be on the path with you.
      Have a wonderful day.
      Thanks for sharing your inspiration and thoughts with out community here!!

      • So true . I do believe that if you are not true to yourself, you can not be true to anyone else. Many of us are truly afraid to be true to ourselves. Self reflection is tough. It’s time for me to reflect on what kind of leAder I want to be. Thanks for the food for thought.

        • Thank you so much for your insightful comment, Paula. I think you’re right. We are afraid. I guess the question then is why. Thanks for making us think more deeply. I’ll definitely take time to ponder your thoughts. Hope you have an inspired day!


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