Indentity Lies

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Indentity Lies

Inspirational Leading:
Identity Lies!

Today’s focus is extremely significant!

Identity Lies are the negative things we say and believe in our minds and hearts that lead us away from realizing our true identity and potential.

Here’s a few examples:

I am fat          I am not smart
I am not lovable
I am not worthy of success

How about that terrible four-letter word that keeps slipping into our vocabulary?
I can’t do this job           I can’t learn this subject
I can’t find love        I can’t succeed

When we allow our minds to say or think these things (even in a joking manner) our subconscious listens and believes what we tell it. Our subconscious does not know the difference between good and bad. It simply listens to what we say.
Our subconscious listens and then obeys.
It then directs our path towards it hears.


     For instance:

When we say to ourselves:    “I am not lovable.”
Our subconscious believes:   “We are not supposed to find love. Let’s make sure we don’t!”


When we say to ourselves:   “I can’t reach my goal weight.”
Our subconscious believes:   “There must be danger in reaching that goal weight.
Stop before you get there!”



 Do you occasionally (or often) have limiting thoughts like these?
If yes, h
ere’s a 5-step plan you can use to begin to take back control.


1)  Identify and write down your Identity Lies on the left hand side of a piece of paper (or you can use your computer or smart phone).

2) Next to the lie, write down the truth which counters that lie.


Lie:                                                             Truth

I can’t reach my goal                               I am making progress towards my goal. I will achieve it!
(List the goal)                                                   (List the changes you are making)

I am fat and unloved                              My body is a beautiful gift. I am loved and love myself.

(Please note: The truth in the right hand column may not be what you believe right now.
It will eventually become your new truth as you consistently practice these steps.)


3) Rip or cut the paper down the middle then SHRED or BURN the lie. If it’s on your computer or phone you will have to print it first. :=) .

This simple kinetic act will speak loudly to your subconscious.

4)  Now – you think you’ve destroyed the lie. Lies are persistent, however, and need to be killed more than once.


Every time a lie in the left column pops into your head, counter it with the the truth from the column on the right.

You must CHOOSE to believe the right hand column, not what the lie wants you to believe.
Say the truth out loud (or in your head if you’re at work) every time you hear a lie. .
You must decide what you want to believe. This is your declaration of your belief.
This is you slamming the lie down into the pavement!


5) Do this diligently for as long as you need to in order for the truth to become your default thought.

Your subconscious needs time to adjust. Be patient..

Let’s Choose to cut off the tapes of lies that run in our heads and
choose to run the tapes of truth.


In the words of Zig Ziglar:
“‘I AM’ are two of the most powerful words
for what you put after them shapes your reality.”


Lies do NOT lead your Identity

You LEAD your Identity with truth.

You get to decide what you CHOOSE to believe!


Until next time:

Be Inspired!  Be Inspirational!  Be a Leader!

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  1. I’ve used a very similar technique to take control over my thoughts. When I got my thought life in order, it actually changed everything. Thank you for sharing these things with us. I know whoever reads this will be helped!

    • Greetings Jessica,
      WOW! That’s awesome!!! So glad you have hit this milestone and can use your experience to encourage others!! I psyched for you.
      and…Thanks! I do hope many will be helped by this simple and yet challenging exercise.
      Thanks for encouraging everyone! Have an inspired day!

  2. Thank you for these tips. I’ve been learning to silence the not-so-friendly thoughts in my mind for a long time. I’m going to try this! Thanks again for sharing your experience!

    • Dani,
      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. It sounds like you’re already on the journey. it can only get better from here! We’re rootin’ for ya!! Be sure to report back to let us know how you’re doing.
      Have an inspirational day,

  3. I love this process that you describe. It reflects cognitive thinking and will use it right away as I have been working on changing subconscious thoughts that are negative. We all have them!! and would love to change. Doing this for a month will help reinforce the truth we are trying to reach. We are all beautiful people and do the same thing over and over. “I am” is a powerful statement. Every morning I wake up and repeat “I am” phases. I am happy, healthy, abundant and wise!! Thanks for the great website.

    • Thanks, Laurie. Your comment is so insightful. It’s amazing how much power our thought life has over our lives and the actions we take…or have the courage to take. I completely agree with you, we are all beautiful people and we all have the potential to learn, grow, and change people’s lives through the inspiration we provide.
      Thanks for participating and for sharing a piece of your ‘journey of growth’!! Have an amazing day!

  4. I think a descriptive word for anyone who is being led by identity lies is unbelieving. A favorite verse of mine is “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me”. If those of us who believe in Him truly take that to heart we need to remember a quote I heard years ago. God does not call the equipped. He equips the called”. If God has called us to do something all we need to do is start doing what He has called us to do and He will give us exactly what we need to accomplish it.

    • Hi Marilyn,

      Thanks for your comment. That’s a very interesting perspective. One one hand I understand what you are saying. On the other, I would love to go deeper.

      It seems from my conversations with people of many different faiths and at many different levels in life that people all across the board may struggle with an inner conversation that speaks these kinds of lies. The origin can include our childhood experiences, our life’s trials, a sudden tragedy, or an overall struggle to love oneself. If we term identity lies as something that is a ‘failure of belief’ we run a high risk of expounding the problem… “oh… great.. just one more thing for which I am a failure.” Has anyone been there? 🙂

      This is why I’ve proposed this little exercise for folks to follow for help. Our subconscious normally needs some help in re-training whether we have a belief in a higher power or not. Learning to love and lead ourselves is not always an easy task.

      What do you all think? I sense this could be a VERY interesting discussion.

      Thanks again for your insightful input!


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