Master Your Subconcious: Part 1

In recent posts we’ve talked about creating consistency as a way to achieve our goals, move forward in life, and experience victory in the areas where we struggle.  Those posts include: Consistency and How to Create Consistency.

The truth, however, is that sometimes creating consistency is not enough. We think we can will ourselves into change.

We try.

We stumble.

We backslide.


Well, there’s an answer.

Today we’re going to begin a little journey that will take us beyond the surface of our habits and into the depths of our internal engine. The beliefs and memories that influence us the most reside far beneath the conscious levels of our brain.


As it turns out 90-95% of our behaviors and core beliefs are programmed in our subconscious minds!


That’s HUGE!!!!


That means that while we’re creating outside influences in our lives (like the 6 keys to consistency) we must also work on re-forming our subconscious.
This is the only way we will be able to truly live the life we desire.


None of us has had a perfect life.
That means –  that none of us has a perfectly healthy subconscious.
That means –  that we can all benefit from a little maintenance.


My research and simultaneous work on my own subconscious is literally changing my life – for the better!
I want to share what I’ve learned with you.



So you know where we’re headed, the topics in this next month or two will include
(not in any particular order):


Understanding & Retraining your Reticular Activating System (RAS)

Creating your focus

Meditating your way to peace

Visualizing your victory

Believing your way beyond your limitations

Rewiring your brain paths

Re-framing your way to success



Ok – for today:

1) Pinpoint an area of your life which is causing
you some resistance.

2) Write it down.

3) Share your area in the comments section below.
I bet you’ll find you have company.


4) Also in the comments section below, share the questions/concerns
that you have about your subconscious.

I’m excited for our little journey!
All Aboard!!



Continue to Remember:

Be Inspired! Be Inspirational! Be a Leader!

You’re changing someone’s life simply by being you!


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  1. I can’t wait to do this. What a great topic.

    • Thanks, Tesa! I’m so glad you’re excited about it. I think it’s going to be a fun journey.
      Have a wonderfully inspired day!

  2. Great article. Our subconscious mind is indeed powerful… and doesn’t often have our best interest in mind (pardon the pun!)

    • haha Well done!
      Yes – I agree. My subconscious is learning, however. Little by little I’m taking back control.
      Thanks for joining us and sharing your wisdom and your wit. 🙂

  3. Yep. Beliefs that I am not measuring up. This takes a variety of forms, including that beliefs I am inherently not good enough, or that others have thrown obstacles in my way (so it is “their” fault), or that I have not worked hard enough to be the best, etc. – generally all without really knowing if I am measuring up or not. And, I think this sometimes manifests itself in either underselling myself (projecting that belief that I am not good enough) or overselling (trying to convince others that I certainly measure up). Looking forward to seeing where this leads! Thank you!

    • Hi Karin,
      Thanks so much for sharing those struggles. I totally get it!!!! One of your key phrases here is “projecting that belief that I am not good enough” and you’re totally right that that projection is real and comes from deep within. I’m psyched to be able to help explore ways to help you grow in the truthful realization that you are not only good enough – but that you are magnificently and wonderfuly created and that you have purpose and influence just as you are. I know it’s true. I think you know too. We’ll just focus some time now on reminding your subconscious about that. I’m glad you’re here! This is going to be a fun and life-changing journey. Welcome!!

    • BTW – I can’t seem to get a response to you via email …. I keep getting blocked. Just want you to know I’m not ignoring you. :=) I’ll try again later.

  4. Hi there, this is a topic that really means a lot to me and I have been working on for the last year. I realize that I need to change my subconscious as thoughts keep repeating themselves – automatic thoughts that sing the same old song. I realize I have been caught up in a fear mode instead of faith. Fears of lack, not being good enough. Some experiences over the last few years put me here and I have been doing research on this. I have to work on change every day every minute! I work on visualizing how I want things to be and look at myself deep within. It has brought up a lot of stuff that is challenging to look at but needs to be addressed. But consistency really plays a big role because if I lapse I lose. I use meditation and some other techniques and look forward to hearing more about this. I really need to rewire! That’s what it’s all about rewiring our brains to think differently. The subconscious goes back a long way to childhood and it takes time and patience.

    • Hi Laurie,
      Thanks so much for sharing your experience. I’m excited that this series is going to fit right in with the progress you are already making. Perhaps it’s coming along at just the perfect time. 🙂 Yes, I understand that persistent thought that thinks it has a right to take up space in your head. It only thinks it has that right because we give it food (i.e. attention). Time for that to stop! :=) If one of your goals is to discontinue certain thoughts, then perhaps right now you can identify those thoughts and write them down. We don’t want to give them extra focus, but it is helpful to identify and name them. In the next couple of months – we’ll help strengthen you from the inside so you will be able to take control. I’m excited for you!! You’ve already made so much progress. My hope is that this series will be just the boost you need.
      Have an inspired day filled with thoughts of hope, peace, empowerment, and belief.

  5. What a fantastic topic for your blog!!! I have personally been struggling in this area. You are the first person I have seen to cover these thoughts and questions. I am grateful to you for your research and the positive solutions you provide for all of us!

    • Hi Heather,
      Thanks so much!! I’m so glad you like the idea. It’s interesting, I think you’re right. Lots of folks spend time on the outside behavior – but not so much on the inner core of our beings. I’ve noticed that with me personally it’s the latter that really works to bring change and positive results. Since I’ve recently added more specific and deliberate mediation to my life and since I’m loving it I figured – what not share it? This way we can learn and grow together.
      Thanks for being excited about it and thanks for sharing that here in our comments. I’m looking forward to our journey together.
      Have a wonderfully inspired day!!


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