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My short bio reads like this…
a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author
A High Achievement Coach and Speaker & The Founder of Highest Achiever’s Academy


That’s what the author bio says, but who am I really?

_newcrop1I began my life in a country home in the buckeye state (that would be Ohio for those of you who aren’t familiar with the US states). It was there that I discovered a love for music. First it was the piano, then the clarinet, and the culmination… the bassoon.

I majored in bassoon performance at the Ohio State University and went on to study my Masters at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. All that schooling took me to Boston for many years of freelancing with orchestras and chambers groups throughout the city and the US.


IMG_2435 copyMusic was my center for a long time, but as it turns out, it wasn’t meant to be my only love. That’s where speaking enters the picture. I eventually entered nine long years (yes, I said NINE) of theological studies. My life change occurred when I took a class with Dr. Haddon W. Robinson. I was the only female in my class so after the class he walked up to me and made note of that point. Then He said, “You better not fail!” I said, “I won’t!” (In this youtube video I describe that moment).  That moment began what has for me been the most important mentoring of my life. Haddon became my forever speaking mentor and a father-like figure in my life. He and his wife, Bonnie, remain dear to my heart. From that point forward, Speaking became my new favorite form of communication.
MeMom.crop_PinI have been formed by so many wonderful experiences over the years but also losses and trials. The deepest of these losses was the sudden death of my mother. Suffice it to say on a public website that she had a hard life from beginning to end. When I lost her I lost my only family. I found that I was alone… very alone. I went from being a strong accomplished musician and speaker to someone who had a hard time getting out of bed. I wonder if some of you have been there too.
Several years into the heart of my grief I realized I needed to figure out how to pick myself up or I was not going to be alive for very long. Now I did have faith in God and that helped to keep me alive. I realized however, that without faith in me too, I wasn’t going to make it.
IMG_2210 copyThat’s when I began my journey back to joy, happiness, power, and inspiration. I not only learned to love myself and began believing in myself again, but I began dreaming again too. I began dreaming so much that I moved to Los Angeles California and founded this Academy. I’m happier than I’ve ever been!
I want that for you too. I want you to reach your goals and to live a life that fulfills all your hopes and dreams.
In order for that to happen you….


* Will need the right strategies
* Will have to increase your ability to focus in the midst of distractions
* Will want to learn how to increase your productivity while spending less time

With these strategic skills – you can do anything.
You could build your own business
You could create more time to connect with your partner
You could travel more
You could create the body you want

If I could change my life and exponentially increase my own happiness and financial gain, then you can too.
Let’s get started
All I’m going to ask of you in the beginning is that you give 12 minutes a day – 5 Days a Week to your progress.  That’s all.

Trust me.
This will change your life!!

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~ Download it
~ Fill it out
~ Follow the plan
~ Let me know how you’re doing

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