One Word to Help You Create Your Fitness Success

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One Word to Help You Create Your Fitness Success

Are you ready for 2015 to be a smashing success?


Is creating your best health possible
part of your plan?


If yes, then I have one word that will
change everything!


Watch this short video and get inspired to make 2015 awesome!


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Always remember:

Be Inspired! Be Inspirational! Be a Leader!

You’re changing someone’s life simply by being you.


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Disclaimer: LouAnn is not a doctor, psychiatrist, or a neuroscientist. She is simply one person who has been helped who is now desiring help others. Results of learning to train our subconscious minds will vary and are dependent on many personal factors including how much we practice and focus on changing our focus. OK – now with that out of the way – let’s get back to being focused on inspiring and leading ourselves and those in our circles as we take back control of our subconscious! 🙂


Full Transcript

Hi everybody.

My name’s LouAnn Stropoli and I’m the founder of Inspirational Leading Academy, the place to create your leadership success in your home, community, and workplace.

I’m here today to give you one word to help you reach your fitness and health goal for 2015

We hear a lot about having to schedule having a big Why having accountability and all the things are super important for going to make progress.

But there’s one word that’s changed things for me and how I feel about my fitness and my health.
That word is love.

Now what do I need my love

Just think for a moment  about somebody or something that you love
So when you love somebody you take care of that person.
You make sure that they have all the nutrition that they need
Your kids you make sure that they get the education and experience in life that they need to succeed later on

When you have something that’s special to you, perhaps an heirloom, you put it in a safe place. and if you move it you wrap it very carefully you hang onto it
See when we love something we take care of it to the very best of our ability

What if in your desire to increase your strength and your health in 2015 you chose to focus more on loving and enjoying your body.

So you look in the mirror and instead of looking at those places you don’t like to look at – look at the mirror and you tell yourself about the parts of your body that you love

When you’re being intimate with your partner yoga at one instead of feeling self-conscious you just allow yourself to fully enjoy the pleasures that your body gives you.

If we can learn and focus on loving our bodies more and enjoying everything that they give us .. we can’t experience anything in this life if we don’t do it in our bodies. Our bodies are really important and they’re great tools that we have.

If we will focus on loving our bodies and enjoying them then taking care of them will be a whole lot easier.

So that’s just one tip from Inspirational Leading Academy about how you can smash and have victory and your fitness and health goals in 2015.

Simply focus on loving and enjoying the gift of your body

You can do it. This is your year!

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