Dr. Haddon Robinson Interview

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Dr_Robinson Every now and then we have the extra-ordinary opportunity to sit down next to a remarkable person who is willing to share his
or her great wisdom and success in order to help others.
This week’s blog post is just that opportunity.

Dr. Robinson is a well known author, speaker, and leader of leaders.
He openly shares his wisdom in this interview.
Remember to leave your comments in the comments section and also take a moment to give some feedback to your fellow Inspirational Leaders.

Leave your questions for Dr. Robinson too and we’ll see if we can get the answers for you.

But first, take a moment and enjoy this privileged time with Dr. Haddon Robinson.

Be Inspired!  Be Inspirational!  Be a Leader!


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  1. The interview was thoughtful and thought provoking. Here is my top ten insightful items I grasped from the interview.

    10. Defensive manners stall your leadership ability.
    9. Noted difference between being a manager and a leader
    8. Being personable
    7. History is a great teacher for future leaders
    6. Ability to Listen and learn from your team
    5. Routine physical exercise – personal favorite
    4. Knowledge is power ~ read!
    3. A leader knows her/his own strengths and weaknesses
    2. Mentoring assist the leader to grow in knowledge
    1. Best part of the interview ~ was his fight for humanity! A leader is part of a TEAM!

    His passion and zest for life even in advance age comes across on the camera.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Luckyygal,
      WOW!! That’s a great list!!…. and focuses us right to the main points. He sure did have a lot of life-changing comments to share in such a short amount of time. That’s another thing great leaders do, I suppose.
      Thanks again for watching and for creating this incredible list for us!!! I think I’ll copy that and post it as a daily reminder of how to focus and grow as a leader.
      Have an inspired day! Somehow I know you will. 🙂

  2. Hi LouAnn,

    This was wonderful, and I definitely recognized that voice! He made so many good points. I especially liked the bit about having people on your side, not on your back. And the bit about mentors. I have found it very difficult to find a person willing to mentor me, though I’ve never been bold enough to insinuate myself in their lives by way of “offering to do anything they want me to” or persistently showing up, so to speak. Not bold enough, maybe. Very well done, LouAnn.

    • HI Tesa,
      Thanks so much for listening and sharing your helpful response. Yes, indeed, his voice is distinct and recognizable!!! His comment about asking for mentoring is really insightful.Somehow we have to be humble enough to listen to and serve a mentor while being confident enough to ask for their attention…. Interesting and yet empowered position to take. I like it. hmmm maybe it’s time now for you to be bold…? 🙂
      Thanks again for sharing your response and insight!!!
      Have an inspired day.

  3. Hi LouAnn,

    I found this interview very well done. Brief and to the point, Dr. Robinson offered so many pearls of wisdom. I enjoy listening to people older than myself because they are more often speaking out of their own experiences and have had the opportunity to demonstrate their success, which gives them more credibility to me. I particularly liked his advice on dealing with difficult people, which is an area in which I need to grow, even when I am the difficult person at times! Identify what they are good at, and give them that job to do. If nothing strikes you, find out what is important to them and get on board with that. You will be more likely to get them to want to do something for you when you first take an interest in them as people. Having grown up with authoritative parents, it is very easy for me to fall into that way of “leading”. However, in my role as a Mom, recent classes at Grace Chapel by a Gordon-Conwell seminary professor of Theology have taught me that this style will produce obedient children at best, children that, when I am not there or able to tell them what to do, will have no internalized values for doing what they need to do, and will be less inclined to turn to our Lord for that guidance. And my goal in parenting Grace is to teach her to turn to the Lord as she is getting ready to fly off to adult adventures and become the woman God means for her to be. So it takes more effort to parent from a different, more effective style. And the advice Dr. Robinson presents, if I can do my best to learn and practice them creatively with my daughter, should serve me well. I wonder if he is a parent himself and what his wife and children are doing now? I wonder how he might be making use of his time in retirement (since I have a lot of free time myself when Grace is at school). I wonder what he might consider his Spiritual Gifts now, and over the years, and if lived by design using these gifts. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to learn from this man’s wisdom!

    • Hi Wendy,
      Thank you so much for taking time to listen and learn from Dr. Robinson. I love how you have taken his advice and applied it perfectly to your role of leading as a mom!! I’ll have to keep that in mind when we talk more about inspirational parenting. I agree…this style of leading and parenting takes more effort, but the outcomes are HUGE! If I think people care about me, I’m actually much more interested in working with them and following them. Your daughter is greatly blessed that you have figured this out and are conscious of how you parent her.

      Dr. Robinson is married and has grown children. I can’t comment on what they are doing out of respect for their privacy but I can tell you that Dr. AND Mrs. Robsinson will be featured together in next week’s video!!!! You’ll love listening to her too. 🙂

      Spiritual gifts..? if I were to guess, definitely preaching/speaking and leading are way up at the top. Next time we chat I’ll ask him and will report back.

      Thank you again for taking time to watch and also to share your thoughts here. I know other mothers will be inspired and encouraged by what you have written.

      Have an inspired day!

  4. Thank you LouAnn!!! This was an informative interview. I like that Dr. Robinson asked for others opinions and wanted to hear them, this is a true inspirational leader. Also, liked the comment on finding a mentor and people he worked well with. He dealt with people well as you mentioned speaking to you in the hallway and asking how you were. This is so important and I don’t think all people do this. Making others feel important and valued makes you want to help them and work with them. Not being afraid to challenge someone!!! How many times have we worked for people who made us uncomfortable with this. Would love to work with someone like Dr. Robinson, where do I sign up!!!! Best to you and thanks again.

    • Hi Laurie,
      I’m so glad you found the interview to be helpful. I agree with you on all those points. I’ve often encountered leaders to whom you wouldn’t dare disagree or who never took the time to look at you in the halls….forget stopping to say hello. Yes… he is an incredible leader and someone to learn from and follow.
      Thanks again for listening and sharing your response.
      Have an inspired day!


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