Leadership, Family, Faith – An Interview with Dr. and Mrs. Robinson

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 Last week we had the honor of sitting down with Dr. Haddon Robinson to learn from his wisdom and experience. If you missed that incredibly insightful interview you will find it here:

Today, we have the honor and rare privilege to hear from both Dr. AND Mrs. Robinson! Mrs. Robinson has gathered a wealth of information over the years as she has led as a mom, a wife, and a first lady. We also get a glimpse in this interview into the incredible marriage that she and Dr. Robinson share. I won’t say how many years they’ve been together but you’ll find out in the video. You’ll also be encouraged by their perseverance and continued admiration for each other.

Grab your tea or your coffee, relax, and get out your notepad while you glean wisdom and insight from this candid and heartfelt conversation.

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  1. LouAnn, I enjoyed the interview a lot. Quite a few years ago Dr. Robinson served as an interim pastor at our church for about a year. His messages were amazing, and although we were a large church and never met him personally, we loved and respected him very much.

    He was commuting from Boston (the church was in NC), so Bonnie only came once or twice, but he spoke of her often with much love and affection and their children also.

    • Hi Donna,
      I’m so glad to hear the interviews (did you see there are two?) were enjoyable for you! They really are amazing people. There’s no telling how many people have been encouraged and strengthened by their others centered lifestyle. Maybe someday they will know.

      WOW – that’s a LONG commute!! Glad you were able to enjoy him even at such a great distance. I’m sure they will love hearing here that they have blessed you. I’ll make certain to remind them to read through the comments here. 🙂

      Hope you have a wonderful and inspired day!! Thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts!

  2. Thank you so much for these interviews!!!!!! They are wonderful to learn from!

    • So glad you enjoyed them, Heather. They really are amazing people.
      You know one thing I learned from them is this: character growth is not automatic as we grow older. Character growth is a choice. They exemplify that so beautifully.
      Hope your day is inspired! Thanks for your comment!

  3. Enjoyed the interview and enjoyed seeing you! Any ideas where one could find Marjorie Wilson’s book? Sounds like a powerful read if it made such an impact on this impressive couple!

    • Hi Karin,
      Nice to see you here! I’m glad you enjoyed the interview! yep – that’s me alright.
      Great question! I’ll go on the hunt and will reply here and to your email as soon as I find it… if it’s still available.
      That perspective is certainly a life changer. I needed that reminder.
      Take Great care and have an Inspired day! ;=)

  4. Hi LouAnn! I really enjoyed this interview with Mrs. as well as Mr. Robinson. I’m taking away “There you are!” and “our relationship with The Lord was even more important than our marriage” and, in the face of challenges, first “ALOT of prayer”, and “rephrasing the question to focus on others makes all the difference” (also mentioned in his first interview). Thanks so much for introducing us to this lovely, inspirational couple we may otherwise have not gotten the privilege to “meet”!

    • Hi Wendy,
      I’m so glad to see you were inspired by the interview! They really are incredible people! I agree, many folks might not get to meet them in person. They don’t say yes to too many engagements these days so we are very blessed to enjoy their presence. I do hope these interviews inspire a whole lot of folks in the years to come.
      Thanks again for taking time to watch and also to share your response here!
      Have an inspired day!

  5. Hi LouAnn you do such a great job setting up this website and interviews. You are so poised and ask great questions. I really like the comment that it’s not about us but other people that Mrs. Robinson brought up and Dr. Robinson also mentioned. Also, the idea that you keep working at a marriage and don’t consider divorce as an option. Wow, 62 years of marriage and still happy together. Every marriage has it’s difficulties as the Robinson’s mentioned. Juggling many roles at once is always a challenge. Faith and prayer and God being the important front of a marriage and life is such a great inspiration. Thank you for all your work and putting together this interview. You are a great leader!!!

    • Hi Laurie,
      Thank you so much for taking time to watch the interview. They really are amazing people! I agree! The insight Mrs. Robinson shared really is a life-changer. She really does live that way!
      I agree too – about their inspirational marriage. Their love after all these years is very special to watch.
      Thanks again for sharing your insight here on the blog!! Thanks, too, for your kind encouragement.
      I hope these interviews will help inspire many people for years to come.
      Have an inspirational day! Somehow I know you will! 🙂

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