Shake it up and Grow

Posted by on Jan 16, 2014 in ALL Posts, Blog, Finding Courage | 8 comments

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  1. Hi again, today I went to a job networking class and had been hesitant about networking. The class started off with people doing a short networking exercise with others in the room. It really broke the ice and as the class went on I felt more and more enthusiastic about networking which I had dreaded! I felt I was able to give others some tips and listen to input from other people. At the end of the class the man next to me thanked me for what I had offered in the class. As I looked around the room I thought we are all alike but have a unique gift to offer. Having stepped out of my comfort zone I felt so much better about going forward and attending more networking events. It sparked confidence that surprised me. Everyone is special and has so much to offer. It was a great feeling connecting with others!!

    • WooHoo!!! Now that’s what we’re talking about. Way to Shake it up and grow, Laurie!! So glad you moved past your hesitation and went to the class. Even better, glad you spoke up and shared your inspiration! Here’s a high five to your willingness to step out and your resultant increased confidence! You Rock!!

  2. Last year my boss encouraged me individually to consider proceeding to obtain my certification as a mental health registered nurse. I dismissed it out of hand partially because of the cost not only to obtain it but also to maintain it with continuing education classes. The other reason I had for not pursuing it being that I would need to do a lot of extra studying prior to taking the test particularly in the area of pharmacology, which is not my favorite subject. Today however, at a staff meeting the boss encouraged all the nurses who achieved professional advancement status within our unit to seriously consider becoming certified in this area of practice. I’m still not sure what I will ultimately do, but I have at least decided that I should look at the possibility more closely. The timing of this blog has inspired me to do so within the next two weeks.

    • WOW!! This is so exciting! What a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow and give your professional knowledge and credentials and even firmer foundation. We’ll be waiting to hear what you decide. 🙂

    • I had my annual work evaluation with my boss on Monday and talked further with her about the possibility of pursuing my mental health certification. I have decided that I will shoot to have everything in place, the money needed, studying done, application in to be tested etc. by early Fall. I’m going to go for it.

      • Great job stepping onwards and continuing to develop yourself!!!!! I’m excited for you!!!! Next you’ll need a plan and time table for each step. I know you’ll do it!!! Thanks for inspiring us and sharing your decision!

  3. Love the new pictures and format!!! Yes, I know this feeling. Change can excite and scare us at the same time. Sometimes it can keep us from experiencing more growth if we don’t step out of our comfort zone. But when meeting the challenge that is where we really grow. Life can be a routine but moving to a new place means change. A lot of people have problems with change; I know I have in the past. I’ve felt like I could not do something like taking a risk at trying a new job but it’s worth the risk. You develop your character and confidence. It feels good to know you moved past something you had some fear about. I remember when I was laid off from a job and at the same time had to help my mother sell her condo and go into a nursing home. I thought to myself “I can’t do all this!!!??”. Someone told me to take one step at a time and I managed to get my mother’s condo on the market in a week!!! It was a lot of work but I feel that period of my life I was most proud of and realized I had much more courage than I ever thought possible. I really felt good about who I was as a person. Yes, this is where real growth happens and changes us for the better.

    • Hi Laurie,
      Thank you for that awesomely positive comment!!! I totally agree with you. Change is both a risk and an great opportunity to learn about the strength and courageous that already resides within us. Thank you for sharing that incredible inspiring story! You really CAN do it!! I’m psyched! 😉

      Thank you so much too, for commenting on the format. I like it better too. I hope others will take the moment it takes to click to see it. We’ll see…
      Take GREAT care! Feel free to add to your comment if anything comes to mind. You’ve encouraged me and also, I’m certain, everyone who takes a moment to read this!


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