Silly Affirmations … or are they?

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Silly Affirmations … or are they?

Have you ever hit your absolute lowest point?
I have.

I remember when I lost all my family.
I was written out of the will by those who still had control.
I was living on less than $10,000 a year.
I felt hopeless.
I didn’t want to live.

It’s hard to believe – but this one simple technique totally helped me change the way I saw life.
I gained my power.
I gained my self-love.
I saved my life.

Now I’m joyful, happy, building the life of my dreams, positive, in love with me, and super grateful for every second I’m given.

How did I turn things around?
I share it in this video.

Below the video you will find and a link to grab our new resource, a free PDF entitled, ‘5 Easy Steps To Achieve your Dreams Faster‘ (or you can simply click here). You’ll also find a transcript of the video.




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Video Transcript:

Hey there
I’m LouAnn Stropoli and I’m the founder of Inspirational Leading Academy
I’m also a collaborative author in the Amazon #1 bestseller ‘The Energy of Expansion’.

Are there areas of your practical life that don’t live up to the dreams you have for yourself?
Or is it ever the case that you start moving towards your dreams and a month or two months into it you’re right back where you started:
Either in trying to repair a relationship, gaining progress with your health, making a career change.

If you answered yes with for any of those thoughts I believe this message will be a help to you.

There’s this thing in our brain called the Recticular Activating System.
It’s pretty simple.  It’s simply a gateway between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

What happens is when we’re little we start to receive messages about what life is supposed to look like and we develop our concept and we create this image of the perfect life.

And as we grow older we go through more experiences and will use those experiences to fit into what is already in our minds and our beliefs.
The things that fit get through this gateway the RAS.
The things that don’t fit in get pushed out.

Now when I was growing up although I learned so many wonderful things and there was so much love in my family in particular for my mom, I also learned some other messages they weren’t so great for my future.

One message was that although my father was a bit controlling and he really thought kids should be towing the line and never mouthing off.
Well he’s Sicilian which means I’m half Sicilian, so we butted heads quite a bit over the years.

I also learned that women were supposed to be subservient to the man and that women were somehow less than men. That’s what I saw. And so I grew up thinking those things in my subconscious mind.  I fought it a lot because I’m stubborn, but in my subconscious mind that was what was created as being the normal life.

And then as I moved on in life I learned some other messages that fit into that creation in my mine.
So one message was that money is evil.
The reason that made sense to me is because we were low middle-class.
We were very happy but lower middle-class and so the fact that money was evil made sense.
We never had it if it had been good we would’ve had more.

I also learned as I grew older that I was supposed to put other people first all the time. And so as I moved into service oriented fields I often lived on 10 – $15,000 a year.  If I got up to 25,000 I was doing really well.

Now all these things made sense to me because when I was a baby I created a certain mindset of what life is supposed to look like.

Now truth is the truth I couldn’t of been farther from the truth.

Three specific ways:
One: Women are jewels.
Women are the energy that makes the world go around.
Women are fuel for the men.
Have you met a man who totally adores his wife?

That man is a man of power
A man who totally adores his wife is a man who will take down an entire city if it means protecting his people.

And that man is strong enough that when his strong wife comes alongside of him with an ax –
he’s right there with her and he’s not threatened at all because he knows how strong he is.

You see women don’t have to be subservient.
They don’t have to be weak.
They are created to be strong partners.
They are created to take over the world in wonderful ways of strength and love.
Women are jewels and I’ve started to really learn that since I was a child.

Second I learned that money isn’t evil.
I learned money is an awesome powerful tool and a resource.

So I think about how many people we could help if we had sate $5 million.
How many schools can we build?
How many wells  can e dig?
How much can we give towards ending global sexual slavery?
How many homeless people could we feed and house and help them get back on their feet again?
I’m thinking a whole lot more with 5 million than the 10,000 I used to make.

Third I used to think that rich people were selfish pigs who didn’t share with anybody else

And now in my entrepreneurial endeavors I am surrounded by multimillionaires almost all the time.
They are the nicest people I have ever met.
They are encouraging me ad they give me messages:
“Keep at it!”
“You were hand-picked for this!”
“I’m waiting for you!”
“Get the product launched!”
“All they want to do is see me succeed!”

And I was so wrong in my perception that I have learned when I was a little girl.

Now at one point in my life I was at my lowest place and I had lost all my family.
I had been written out of the ‘family’ will by those who were left in the family.
I was completely at the bottom less than $10,000 a year and feeling very hopeless.
And I realized I had to change what was in my subconscious mind if I was going to survive

So I started to use a very simple technique of Affirmations.
It’s so simple.

I told myself, “I’m fully loved and supported.”
I’m fully loved and supported
At the time I felt very alone but I told myself I’m loved and supported.

Then I told myself,
“I am in the midst of financial abundance my financial foundation is growing.
I’m inspired and inspiring.
I’m joyful. I’m happy.
I have all my needs met.
I’m helping other people. I’m building a legacy of love.
I am loved and supported.
These things are true.”

Now what happens is when we give ourselves affirmations that differ from the concepts that we have already in our subconscious mind our subconscious mind starts to change because because our minds can’t have a discrepancy between what we’re telling it and will be having in the back of her mind.

So there’s going to be a little bit of a battle at first.
You’re going to the affirmations and that’s just your brain protecting you.

But eventually your subconscious mind gets the new message and starts to look for ways to fulfill the affirmations you’re giving it.

Now here I am an entrepreneur in California  – starting my own business –  surrounded by the awesome multimillionaires who are my coaches and my mentors and they are all, by the way, almost all men and I love and adore and trust each and everyone of them.
I’m happier than I ever could have been.

It scares me that I almost gave up.

But it was just this simple easy technique of affirmations that changed everything.

If we want to change the outside of our lives we must start by changing what’s internal.

So I ask you is there anything in the external of your life that you desire to change?
If yes I invite you to do the simple act of writing out three or four affirmations that affirm and make true what it is that you want to happen.

And what will happen is that your brain and your subconscious will start to understand that it’s time to change directions.

And what you can do is you could put those up on your vision wall.
If you watched last week I talked about my vision wall. You can go back and catch that video if you would like.

Or on your phone when you set an alarm  – you can change the word.
So it says ‘alarm’.
Change it to 3 words that remind you of your affirmations.

You can also put them up all over your house:
on your bathroom mirror
on your fridge
right next to your bed
you can read them when you get up in the morning before you go to bed at night.

It’s the simple step of telling yourself the truth that will change everything.

Now if you would like some extra help reaching your goals I invite you to go to this URL right here in front of you
( )
You can grab your free PDF and entitled ‘5 Easy Steps To Achieve Your Dreams Faster’.
And I will walk alongside you and help you move towards achieving all your dreams.

Remember, changing your life is as simple as adding a few affirmations.

As we say in our Academy
Be Inspired!
Be Inspirational!
Be a Leader!
You’re changing someone’s life simply by being you.



Click here to gain access to your FREE Framework PDF entitled
5 Easy Steps To Achieve Your Dreams Faster
or grab it by filling in the form below.





Be Inspired!
Be Inspirational!
Be a Leader!

You’re changing someone’s life simply by being you.


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