There’s 1 Difference!

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There's 1 Difference

A couple weeks ago I was traveling to California through the DC Airport. All along they way there were extra hoops through which I need to jump because my name was misspelled on the ticket (that was not my mistake :~) ). As I was going about creating the solution I talked to a number of people. Three in particular caught my attention.

The first was a man who sat at the information booth. You know the kind who is supposed to be ready to give out pleasant and helpful information. He was the most unhappy angry person I’ve personally encountered in quite a while.

The second was the ticket agent. You know the go-to person to resolve such issues. She was just about as nasty as the first guy. I thought what on earth is wrong with the city!?!?!

The third person who caught my attention was a man who was selling water at a little kiosk. Thank goodness for him! He was probably the happiest person in the entire airport: a great smile, a nice enjoyable laugh, and a positive can-do attitude.

These three people have a lot in common:
They all commute to the airport for work.
They all deal with the public all day long (not an easy thing to do!).
They all – most likely – would like to be paid more for their service.

There was 1 difference, however.

One of them had an advantage. The man at the kiosk chose to display an attitude that helped put the smile back on my face. He lifted my tired/traveling spirit and body. He made me glad I had passed through DC.  Not only did he impact others with his positive attitude, but he was very clearly impacting his own life as well. I made sure he knew how much his positive attitude affected my journey.

What was that 1 difference?
That 1 difference was an attitude of vibrancy and life.


So  – how about you?

How’s your attitude these days?   Need a little pick me up?
I know I often do!!! Studies have shown that our attitude significantly affects our lives and our potential for success.  No doubt our attitude affects our ability to lead and inspire ourselves and others.

There are some action items we can do to help ourselves choose to have a positive can-do attitude. Here are a few ideas to help:

1) Before you go to sleep and right when you wake up be deliberately thankful for where you are today.

If there’s no today, then there can be no tomorrow (literally). Write down your thankful thoughts and read them as much as possible.

2) Smile during the hardest part of your workout. 

If you’re working out, it means you have a body that moves. That’s worth celebrating.
When you smile – it changes your brain chemistry and that changes your perspective.

3) Do something nice for someone else without the person knowing.

Something simple like: leave a small bunch of daffodils on someone’s desk; put a quarter in the meter; leave an encouraging note for someone to find; leave a double tip on your 10 dollar meal.

4) Write down 3 steps you can take today to move yourself towards your next goal. Then take action to do them.

Empowerment results from action.
Take action towards your future and you’ll feel better abut your present situation.

5) Do something simple to refresh your soul.

Take a walk; visit a museum or the ocean; read 10 pages in a book; hug your kids;
close the shades and dance your little heart out


Let’s be the inspirational ones who make choices that bless ourselves and others. When we do that, we’ll be the kind of leaders we aspire to be in our homes, our communities, and our workplaces.


Remember – Somebody is looking to you for Inspiration.
Why not deliver?


Be Inspired! Be Inspirational! Be a Leader!

Express your thoughts in the comments section.
Inspire others by sharing with us how you choose to be the one who is different.
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I bet they could use some blogspiration from time to time too.


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  1. I have SO had this experience – when you run into somebody who gives you such a big BOOST when you least expect it!

    The first that comes to mind is a guy I used to see at the Turnpike toll booth (I don’t see him anymore after switching to EZpass). He genuinely gave each driver who went by him a huge smile, and sincerely wished them a great day. He made me feel wonderful in just the very few seconds we saw one another each day!

    When I’m working out and I get to that point in the video where the instructor asks how I’m doing and whether I’m having fun and feeling great – it can be tempting for me to snarl back at the TV. This week I’ll try answering as if they can hear me – with full enthusiasm! Yes I feel great!

    • Hi Carolyn,
      Thanks for that incredibly inspiring response. So interesting, I bet that toll booth operator couldn’t guess in his wildest dreams that he’d be mentioned on a blog meant to inspire women. 🙂 I suppose we just never know how we are being used to lift up our fellow humans.

      Can’t wait until you let us know about your upbeat response to your video fitness trainer.

      I can tell you for sure – you are one of those people who chooses to have that 1 Difference! Thanks for sharing your time and inspiration with us!

  2. Hi I love this and can relate as attitude is everything. When we are positive energy we send it out to others. I practice smiling strangers and saying hello. I usually get a smile and hello back. This world needs more of this. Send it forward!!! It would be a better world. To wake up and say I am going to be happy and practice gratitude is so empowering to those around us as you saw in the airport. I find yoga helps replenish me if I need an energy boost. To get mowing is empowering. Thanks again for being a helpful leader.

    • Hi, Laurie. Thanks for sharing the ways you incorporate your positive choice in to your daily life. I love how your focus is to spread the energy around and empower those around you. Love it! Thanks for inspiring us today!


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