Inspirational Leading: We Begin at the Trail Head!

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Welcome to Inspirational Leading Academy!
It’s time to embark on our journey!

We believe each and every single person has value, unique gifts, purpose, and significance. In fact, for each and every one of us, there is at least one person who is looking to us for inspiration.
You see, each and every person a leader.

Inspirational Leading, therefore is about your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers, and your colleagues. More than anything, Inspirational Leading is about YOU!

We’re beginning an exciting journey on which we will:
*  Explore the characteristics of great leaders
*  Learn to create a response of movement and energy
from those who look to us for inspiration
* Develop the ability to respond in every situation
without letting triggers ignite a reaction
* Master the skill of vision casting and create steps
towards achieving our dreams

The most difficult and most strategic
goal we will achieve is to learn to:

Lead and Inspire Ourselves!

Have you every served under a leader who couldn’t
lead him/herself? Have you known a leader who was filled
with unresolved or bitter thoughts and memories which
spilled out into their interactions?

If you have it probably didn’t take long for your
enthusiasm for that leader to dwindle.

That isn’t the kind of leader each one of us wants to be. We at Inspirational Leading want to be leaders who inspire others to continue learning and growing and advancing to be the very best that they can be. We have the backs of others because we are intent on building an internal foundation
that is not reactive to our surroundings. It is only when we lead ourselves well that we will have the right and the longevity to be a leader of others.

That’s why we’ll begin our journey by increasing our
ability to self-lead .
We’ll work outward and upward from there to develop the necessary skills to lead those who look to us for inspiration.
It all starts right here – right now!
This is our trail head!

We’re glad you’re part of the community!!

We look forward to your comments and your interaction. Leaders develop and grow in community and you’re now part of our community. We welcome you and your perspectives
so be sure to share your voice.

Until next time

Give your Leadership Journey some thought energy,
Leave a comment below,
Invite a friend,
and always remember:


Be Inspired!   Be Inspirational!  Be a Leader!
You’re changing someone’s life simply be being you.

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  1. Years ago I took the Meyers Briggs test to determine what “type” of person I was. I forget what all the letters were and specifically what each letter meant, but I do clearly recall that I supposedly was the kind of leader who preferred to follow but when the need arose and I was asked to take charge that I would rise to the occasion and successfully lead a group. I felt at the time that assessment of my personality was on target. However, after having met you, LouAnn, listening to and seeing the thoughts you’ve been sharing for the past few months I am having a paradigm shift in my thinking about leadership of others but especially of myself. In Romans 12 when talking about the gifts that God gives to people there are several different ones listed. Leadership is one of them and those who have the gift of leadership are told to lead with diligence. I want to aspire to being diligent whether leading myself in new and different ways or leading others at work, at church, at camp, or whatever group I may be part of now and in the future. I look forward to joining you and others on this mutual journey.

    • Hi Marilyn,
      Your comment is so Inspiring!!! I’m excited to hear of your paradigm shift (although as far as I’ve seen, you have always been a leader!) You are and will continue to be a vital and powerful member of this community! Can’t wait to see how we all grow together in these areas! Welcome to the journey! It’s gonna be GREAT! 🙂

  2. I am looking forward to being a better leader

    • That’s wonderful, Paula! We’re excited about this journey!!
      Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss our updates and blog posts. Have an Inspired day!


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