What do Super High Achievers do about their Critics?

As a High Achiever,
Have you ever noticed that any time you do something great or new or adventurous there are always a few people who try to burst your happiness bubble.

“You didn’t do it right”
“You’re not really that great”
“Look at her – being so obnoxious and proud”

The question is, what can we do about THOSE people?
How should we respond?
How can we keep ourselves from being negatively affected?

In this video I share a tip from someone who gets more backlash than almost anyone on the planet and still manages to push through it and keep his focus… all the to being the #1 highest paid movie star in the world?
Who is it and what does he say about his critics?
Watch here and learn from the advice one of his mentors gave him.



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Perhaps you’ve shared a big dream with a friend or family member recently and perhaps they have laughed at you, rolled their eyes, gasped in astonishment, or perhaps you friends and family are silent when you talk about your big dreams and your big goals.

You know when that happens to us it can really derail our focus.
It can cause us to doubt ourselves.
It can cause us to give up on our dreams and our goals and cause us to forget to create the life we really want to live…. if we actually listen to it

So what do we do?

Well it’s interesting. I was listening to an interview with Tom Cruise on the Graham Norton show.  It’s an older interview but it was so insightful

Now Graham Norton said this to Tom:

When I interview people who have worked with you they not only like Tom Cruise, but they gush about working with you.

They LOVE you and LOVE working with you.

He said he never hears a single bad word about Tom Cruise from any of his colleagues.

And then he said:

On the other hand the media can give you a really hard time.

And if you follow Tom Cruise at all you low that’s true.

There’s a lot of nonsense out there written about this incredible actor.

So, it’s really interesting…

Tom responded by saying this:

He said he had learned form Paul Newman.

Paul said to him, ‘You can’t pay attention to the white noise. Do not listen to the white noise.’

and then Tom added,

You have to focus on what you’re doing and do the best job that you can do.
(you can hear this part of the interview at minute 13:52  here)

And it just seems to me that that advice is spot on and helpful for those of us who are working to create our own version of our own lives.

You don’t have to be a movie star to get white noise.

Every single person who’s building a life of big dreams and big goals
Who’s building a life that’s maybe a little bit different from the people around them
Every single person who’s making a change
is going to have white noise

What white noise are you experiencing in your life right now?


Are you willing to ignore it?

It actually takes more strength and more maturity to ignore the white noise around us than it does to stand up and defend ourselves against it


When we ignore all the white noise and focus on what it is we want to do with our lives then we make faster progress

We’re actually happier

and we actually create the lives we want in a quicker fashion- in a more fulfilling way.

Why not ignore the white noise and create the life you truly desire?

As a little extra gift: This is a fun short segment with Tom Cruise and and Emily Blunt on the Graham Norton show where she challenged his never ending positivity during one of their scenes.

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