Why I Gave Up Judging

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Why I Gave Up Judging

I have to admit it

I used to be a judger of others

I think many of us are like this

I knew I had to stop this practice but I didn’t know how do it until I figured out why I was doing it

Now I’m free and so are the people around me

Here’s why and how I did it

Let me know your thoughts in the comments

Do you judge?

Why or Why not?


So – tell me in the comments:
Are you a judger of others?
Why or why not?

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I’d like to say that I’m someone who never judged others
But if I said that, I’d be lying
I’ve gone through times when I’ve judged people who are different from me
But I realized at one point that I had to change that attitude
and one way in which I did it was just by looking at myself
and so I looked at the difference in my physical appearance for instance

When I was running marathons I was a lean machine – totally lean
A few years after I went through my hardships and my cortisol was going crazy through my body and things weren’t working right
I got on the scale and I was in SHOCK at how much weight my small frame was carrying

There have been times in my life when I had no money at all
and times when I was more than comfortable
I was the same person

I have sat with people in the slums of India
and talked with people who live int he house boats of Cambodia
and sat in some of the most fancy hotels in the world

and people in one position are the same as people in the other

I can’t judge between them ad their circumstances 
What’s the point?

People are people and they’re all extraordinary and incredible interesting

I have read and studied and have the Koran, the Buddhist Sutras, the Hindu Vedas and Uphinshads, and African Traditional religious texts
and all kinds of other world religion facts and texts

I love them all and love having people of all different viewpoints in my life

I realized in my life that the times when I was a judger were the times when I
1) wasn’t quite sure of where I stood on my own personal conviction and so when I would have conversations with people I would tend to be defensive
2) I was often a judger wen I was afraid
so if I didn’t understand somebody or their viewpoint it would cause hear in me
and that would show up as judgmentalism

But I realized I don’t have to do that
I can know my conviction and accept people who are different
I don’t have to be afraid

What is there to be afraid of?

I gave up being a fearful person and that led to me giving up being a judger of others

I gave up judging and it created a freedom in my life and an openness to relationships that I could never have had before

and it helped me to reduce that distraction of my energy
because judging takes energy away from what we really want to do with our lives

Why spend time judging others when we can spend time creating ourselves and developing ourselves and creating the lie we truly desire

so I gave up judging

If you have not yet given up judging
Would you like to join me?

Here’s your opportunity to get free

We can all have our convictions
but while we have our convictions, we don’t have to judge others
We can let them have theirs too

and we can be friends and we can work together and we can learn from each other

That’s why I gave up judging

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